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Custom Cost Evaluator

Equipment Ownership and Operating Costs

Starting with the trusted data from the Rental Rate Blue BookŪ, the Custom Cost Evaluator™ is your best source for uncovering the real costs of owning and operating your equipment. It's an essential tool for making more informed decisions and maximizing your profit margins.
Benefits and Features
    Industry-standard costs for more than 15,000 pieces of heavy equipment gives you the broadest range of base data to work with.

    your equipment costs with national averages and models in the same class so you can make better decisions about which equipment to use and when to replace equipment.

    Adjust 21 ownership & operating categories to reflect your specific usage and expenses.

    Know your exact internal costs and model the impact of potential changes to your hourly costs.

    Receive unlimited access via phone or email to our team of analysts to answer your questions or needs.
Save time and energy by accessing Custom Cost Evaluator's equipment cost calculator online.
Custom Cost Evaluator
$ 1,850
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The Custom Cost Evaluator combines the latest technology with the more than 40 years of data and expertise to give you:

- Customizable adjustments to Economic Life and Annual Use Hours, plus 21 specific cost factors including:

  • Ownership: discount, sales tax, freight, list price, salvage value, resale value, annual overhead, annual overhaul labor, annual overhaul parts, and cost of money (interest rate).

  • Operating: annual field labor, annual field parts, annual misc. supply parts, tire cost, tire life, annual ground engaging component (GEC) cost, primary electrical consumption, hourly lube costs, fuel consumption, fuel price, and mechanics wages.
- Regular updates to provide you the most accurate basic rates available.
- Powerful search capabilities let you find equipment quickly and easily by category, manufacturer name or model name.
- Convenient printer-ready reports allow you to keep hard copies for your records.
- Seamlessly link to any of your other EquipmentWatch Online products with the click of a mouse.

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