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Detailed Specifications for Construction Equipment

Free! SpecFinder is the most complete free service that lets you find and compare specifications for over 7,000 models of heavy equipment from hundreds of manufacturers. Perform side-by-side comparisons of up to 5 models to determine which equipment will meet your needs.
Benefits and Features
Get unlimited FREE access to our extensive database of up to 50 different equipment features and options per model.

Make effective decisions - easily compare detailed specs for up to 5 similar equipment models, with the click of a button.

Save time researching equipment specs by using a single-source tool that has all the most current models available.
Free! Save time and energy by accessing SpecFinder's equipment specifications online.
- Powerful search capabilities allow you to find up to 50 key specifications, such as engine details, transmission, performance, hydraulics, weights & dimensions, fluid capacities and more.
- Find equipment quickly and easily by category, manufacturer, model, or size class using the Advanced Search feature.
- Regular updates give you a constant source to the most up to date and accurate information.
- Convenient printer-ready reports allow you to keep hard copies for your records.
- Seamlessly link to any of your other EquipmentWatch Online products with the click of a button.

Free with your EquipmentWatch registration. 

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