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Published since 1949, AED Green Book provides average rental rates for construction equipment from hundreds of rental dealers nationwide.
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Save 30% in this bundle, including Green Guide Construction, Serial Number Guide and Last Bid.
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With thousands of listings for heavy equipment, major attachments, and small equipment and tools
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Fleet Manager integrates our line of EquipmentWatch products in a single platform, allowing you to efficiently manage your fleet from anywhere.
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The most complete guide to equipment and lift truck values, the Green Guide®
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Last Bid® is the fastest, most accurate and comprehensive resource available to determine the value of used construction equipment.
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the Lift Truck Asset Manager™, lets you thoroughly research values on thousands of models of lift trucks in seconds
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With more than 45 years of research behind it, the Rental Rate Blue Book® gives you reliable answers to your ownership and operating cost.
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An accurate serial number is the first and most important step in determining equipment values.
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Free! SpecFinder is the most complete free service that lets you find and compare specifications for over 7,000 models
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