Here’s What’s New In April

EquipmentWatch – April Release

April 21, 2017 – We’ve received a fantastic amount of feedback from our users these past several weeks, all of which we’ve incorporated into our product roadmap. I’m glad to announce that the latest EquipmentWatch release features several highly-requested features, including easier configuration selection and the ability to copy groups.

Below you’ll find details around the new features and bug fixes now present in the application.

1. Updated Configuration Selection

We heard from many of you that the current interface to select a model configuration was too hard to use. We’ve replaced this functionality with a simple, sortable list of available configurations (click image above to enlarge).

2. Create a New Group from Anywhere

Groups are an awesome way to organize your saved assets and build custom reports. In the past, a new group could only be created from the All Saved Models page or during upload. Now you can create a group any time that you save a new model.

3. Duplicate a Group

You can now make a copy of any existing group with a couple of clicks. Simply select a group from the Groups page and choose the copy button in the top right corner. This will create an identical copy of your group, without duplicating the individual assets in your All Saved Models inventory. Use this feature along with group adjustments to see how your fleet data changes with different locations, cost factors, etc.

4. Performance Improvement to Values Page

The Values page in EquipmentWatch has been optimized for faster loading times.


5. Include All Value Revisions in Global Settings

If you want to freeze all values in EquipmentWatch to a specific past date in time, you can now make this selection from Global Adjustment Preferences (in My Settings).


6. Correct Model Identification During Upload

This fix resolves multiple bugs associated with uploading models, including inability to match model names during upload, duplicating manufacturer names when imported, and ‘no data available’ shown in group reports.


We hope these changes improve your overall experience using EquipmentWatch! We’re constantly adjusting our product roadmap based on customer feedback – so please feel free to reach out with any advice, concerns or ideas for improvement.

Greg Lutz
Director, Product & Marketing
[email protected]