Save Money by Saving your Money (in Your Choice of Currency)

We know that EquipmentWatch is the go-to source for Heavy Equipment data of all kinds. But our customers tell us the most critical components are often values, rental rates and ownership and operating cost data. Given that all this information is captured in currency valuations, they say, doesn’t it make sense to provide those values in local currencies? Why yes, it does!

So we did.

Available immediately, EquipmentWatch subscribers can now set their preferred currency to any of the top requested denominations.

Currency Currency Code and Symbol
United States Dollar USD $
Canadian Dollar CAD $
Pound Sterling GBP £
Mexican Peso MXN $
Euro EUR €
Australian Dollar AUD $

More currencies will be added in future based on customer feedback. Request a currency here.

Customers tell us that this will save them both time and money by not having to establish an external conversion from US Dollars to local currency. So, whether you’re operating in a single non-US market (Canada, Mexico) or trading across borders (Euros), having a built-in converter gets you to your values faster and with fewer steps. And you can trust our conversion rates are always up to date, because we refresh the currency converter every time you log in. Faster, easier, and more accurate – it’s all built in.

To set your currency preference, follow these short, easy steps.


  1. After you login, go to your account settings, and select ‘Global Adjustments’
  1. Choose the currency selector and use the dropdown to select your preferred currency
  1. Close the selector, and access EquipmentWatch with your default currency – Oh Canada!

Or choose euros, pesos, pounds sterling, or Australian dollars – or reset back to US Dollars, at your convenience.

To get started, sign in at or contact us for a demonstration of how EquipmentWatch can work for you.


George Buckley
Marketing Director, Informa
[email protected]