Be Price Confident Before You Buy or Sell Equipment

Be Price Confident Before You Buy or Sell Equipment 

Your business is changing, and you’re considering buying or selling some equipment to adapt to a crazy market. But the economic impact of COVID-19 is changing equipment resale prices more rapidly than you’ve ever seen.

Whether it’s a private sale or through a traditional dealer, a digital marketplace or auction house, it’s incredibly important for you to understand the most recent prices from the broadest range of markets. But you don’t have time to visit every resale and auction site – you need a provider you can trust. And you can trust EquipmentWatch, the Leader in Equipment Economics

We collect resale and auction data from over 55 distinct sources and update our database monthly with more than 500,000 clean market observations. Regardless of whether you’re buying or selling, you can search by equipment class/size, brand, model, location and even meter reads. That’s how you get the best price.

Here’s how to use your EquipmentWatch subscription to access Market Activity.

Step 1

Login to your EquipmentWatch account, and click the “Market Activity” section at the top navigation bar.


Step 2

Search by manufacturer, model or serial number with top navigation, or apply filters on the left column for broader equipment categories, marketplaces or other factors. Here, a search for excavators less than 10 years old, from auctions conducted this year, yields nearly 3600 results!



Step 3

In some cases, such as with Ritchie Brothers and Iron Planet, you can link directly from EquipmentWatch to the transaction site to see the complete details and specifications of the sale – in this example, a selection of Caterpillar 304E sold this year. That’s the kind of aggregated information that gives you confidence in your pricing.



So, login to EquipmentWatch and check out some of the market activity for the models you use most. Maybe you’ll find a great deal. Maybe you’ll get a great deal. But you won’t know until you look.

Happy hunting!


Keith Tyson
Brand Marketing, EquipmentWatch
[email protected]