PRODUCT UPDATE: Our Online Software is Mobile-Friendly

We’re Mobile-Friendly!

The EquipmentWatch online software is officially mobile-friendly. Now you can easily access the software right from your phone or tablet. Just visit from your mobile device and select the triple stack menu (the hamburger, as we like to call it).


You will then see a drop-down menu giving you the option to login.


Enter your credentials and continue to use EquipmentWatch just as you normally would on a laptop or desktop computer. You can even download and print reports right from your smartphone!

But Wait…There’s More! 

In addition to our on-the-go software capabilities, we’ve got a few more updates to share:

1.   Ability to print/export Group Reports with over 300 assets. For those who use Group Reports most often, you’ll appreciate this. Now you can generate a report with an unlimited number of assets. Prior to this update, reports containing over 300 assets had to be downloaded and printed in batches of 300. To add more convenience and efficiency, now there is no limit on the size of the asset group report for downloading and printing. However, we do ask you to be patient with the software when generating a report for groups of assets over 300.

2.   Accepted “Shared Groups” are displayed instantly. Another great enhancement is the instant collaboration capabilities added to the EquipmentWatch “Shared Group” feature. When a colleague or another user shares a group, you can immediately see the new group appear after accepting. Prior to this update, the users were required to refresh the screen before being accessing a shared group.

For more information and step-by-step instructions on using group reports, visit the Group Report product guide.

The EquipmentWatch team is passionate about continuous improvement and innovation to bring you the best user experience. If you have any improvement or product customization ideas you would like to share, we value your opinion and encourage you to submit feedback and any product ideas using our Ideas Portal.


Madison kerr
Marketing Specialist
[email protected]