State of the Construction Equipment Economy. Learn the challenges currently facing equipment owners. Read our inaugural report HERE

State of the Construction Equipment Economy

The Heavy Equipment
Buying and Selling Guide

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This guide provides a foundation to effectively navigate the unique challenges in today’s marketplace to support equipment owners with confident purchasing and selling decisions.

Report highlights include:

  • How to properly assess when renting equipment makes more sense than purchasing equipment—or even using equipment you already own
  • Insights on the impact rental firm sellers have on used lift equipment, including differences in pricing, age, and utilization
  • A full break down of what factors contribute to the total cost of ownership, with two examples showing the real-life difference between brands with the lowest cost of ownership and the category average
  • What retained value means, how to incorporate the concept into purchasing decisions, and why it will pay off when it comes time to sell
  • A deep dive into average auction equipment ages by brand and how to leverage that in your buying decisions

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