SkyTrak as Top Brand but JLG Most Popular Model

JLG wins on two fronts: SkyTraks’s popularity on the market and the largest market share for the telescoping boom rough terrain lift truck in August was a JLG model.

Key Takeaways for Decision Makers

EQUIPMENT MANAGER/RENTER/SELLER: In the market for a used telescoping boom rough terrain lift truck? The market is flooded with 2007 models with a variety of different size classes available. Given the number of 2007 SkyTrak lift trucks on the market, now is probably not the best time to try and sell as the competition is high.

During August, lift trucks showed a large variation in both pricing and volume trends as can be seen in our Monthly EquipmentWatch Index. The volume fluctuations showed a bit of regionality as the states with drops were grouped closely together and states with increases such as the northern region of the US were showing similar trends.

On both the resale and auction markets, the majority of manufacturers saw a drop in average age. At a category level, there was an even distribution among those with drops and ones with increases in age.

Diving deeper into the lift truck data from this past month at a more granular level than the Monthly EquipmentWatch Index, we analyzed over 13,500 raw data records to shift focus down to a subtype level, which showed the most popular on the market based on sales volume during August are as follows:

  1. Telescoping Boom Rough Terrain Lift Trucks
  2. I.C. Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks
  3. I.C. Cushion Tire Lift Trucks
  4. Straight Mast Rough Terrain Lift Trucks
  5. Cushion Tire Sit-Down Rider Electric Lift Trucks

Given that the Telescoping Boom Rough Terrain Lift Trucks were by far the most commonly seen subtype on the market, we would like to know what makes and models are most popular among these lift trucks. The most popular manufacturers on the market for this equipment during August were:

  1. SkyTrak
  2. JCB
  3. JLG
  4. Lull
  5. Genie

In terms of market share, SkyTrak contributed 21.8% of the telescoping boom rough terrain lift trucks followed by JCB and JLG both at 16.7%. Lull fell behind at 9.5% and Genie was only slightly below them at 9.3%.

Breaking the data down even further into a year, make, and model configuration, the top 10 models are as follows:

  1. 2007 JLG G6-42A
  2. 2007 SkyTrak 6042
  3. 2007 SkyTrak 8042
  4. 2007 Gehl RS6-42
  5. 2007 SkyTrak 10054
  6. 2007 Gehl RS8-42
  7. 2007 SkyTrak 6036
  8. 2008 Lull 1044C-54
  9. 2007 Lull 1044C-54
  10. 2008 SkyTrak 10054

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It becomes quite evident based on this list that the 2007’s are flooding the lift truck market. During August the average age on the resale market for telescoping boom rough terrain lift trucks was 7.3, which comes as no surprise given the number of 2007’s available. Among the subtype, the 2007 JLG G6-42A had a 4.1% market share during August with resale prices 22% below the average piece of equipment within the subtype. Next were the 2007 SkyTrak 6042 and 2007 SkyTrak 8042 at 3.7% and 2.9% mark share. Given the greater amount of 6042’s along with the larger size, they priced 32% below the overall average while the 8042’s were 23% below the subtype average.

While the 2007 Gehl RS6-42 contributed to 2.4% of the telescoping boom rough terrain lift truck market as did the 2007 SkyTrak 10054, the RS6-42 priced 35% below subtype average with the 10054’s only 0.8% below average. Again, this is in large due to the fact that the 10054 falls in the 4.5-4.9 M Tons size class and the RS6-42 is only between the 2.71-3.0 M Tons size.

The 2007 Gehl RS8-42 and 2007 SkyTrak 6036 had market share in August of 2.2% and 2.1% with prices averaging 33% and 32% below the overall subtype. The remaining three models were all priced well above the average. The 2008 Lull 1044C-54 had 1.8% market share pricing 33% above average while the 2007 model kept on its tail at 1.6% market share. The pricing on the 2007 model was well below the 2008, but still 11% above average. To put it into perspective, the 2007 1044C-54 priced 17% below the 2008 model in August.

Lastly, the 2008 SkyTrak 10054 contributed to 1.6% of the telescoping boom rough terrain lift truck market in August with prices 17% above the subtype average. This model was 33% below the 2007 version in terms of volume and 18% above the older model on the pricing side.

Overall, it was quite a strong month for the telescoping boom rough terrain lift trucks as it generally is for this type of equipment. Even though JCB had the second highest volume on a manufacturer level, the SkyTrak and Lull models dominated the market.

To find out our full coverage of lift truck values and specifications, check out EquipmentWatch Values online.

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