Skyjack, JLG, and Genie Dominate Resale Market for Electric Scissor Lifts

The graph above shows the market shares of different manufacturers for electric self-propelled scissor lifts in percentages by their size class between 2012 and 2014.

Key Takeaways for Decision Makers
FINANCE/INSURANCE: The lack of volume can make properly gauging market value for a lift outside of the top three manufacturers difficult. In these situations it can be appropriate to compare model values on a size-class level first and adjust for any manufacturer premium after.

The online resale market for Electric Scissor Lifts is dominated by the top three OEMs, with the remaining small manufacturers making up only a small fraction of the market. Of the three primary size groupings, lifts less than 20 feet were the most common, with 390,212 total records between 2012 and 2014, compared with 158,261 in the 21-20ft size class and 66,044 in the 31-40ft group. The three largest manufacturers: Genie, JLG, and Skyjack consistently fall in the same position regarding percentage of the market they own. Skyjack is the leader of the three, with market shares ranging from 46.1% to 53.7%. JLG is second with shares from 27.9% to 33.7%, while Genie rounds out the top three with 17.2 to 18.8 percent of the market.

This market dominance is representative of strong entry barriers in the construction equipment industry, which inclines smaller companies with fewer resources to make do with smaller portions of the market. The “Other” category in the chart above consists of manufacturers such as Terex, Haulotte, and Grove which all follow similar patterns of production across size classes. These other manufacturers (in aggregate) do have a larger number of scissor lifts in the 41-50 ft size class than any of the top three OEMs. This suggests smaller manufacturers are pushed to take on less easily and commonly produced equipment to offset their lack of market share in the other categories and meet a different market need.