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Top Four EquipmentWatch Models and Metrics, May 2017 Review

We found the top four models for May 2017 and analyzed their month over month price, age, and volume trends.

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The May top models ranged in average age from 1.5 years on the Deere 9570RT to 12.1 years on the Yale OS030EC. The Caterpillar 259D had an average age of 2.2 years during May with a 36.6% increase year over year, just below the 46.3% increase in average age for the Deere 9570RT. Three of the four models dropped in average age from April to May with the International PROSTAR PLUS being the only exception, up 2.1% month over month.

Of the four models, the Yale OS030EC was by far the least likely to see on the resale channel despite the 31.3% increase in volume from April. The most popular of these models for May was the International PROSTAR PLUS by far even after a 37.9% drop from April and 52.8% drop year over year in volume. The Caterpillar 259D more than doubled in volume year over year after the highest activity of the past year occurring in April.

The price changes that occurred through the past year show much lower prices for the Caterpillar 529D and International PROSTAR PLUS in 2017 than 2016. The Caterpillar dropped in October 2016 below where they were in May 2016 and continued to stay below those price averages even though there were increases in February, March, and May 2017. The International trucks dropped in price consistently over the past year with a slight increase during March resulting in prices 20.3% below where they were last May. The Yale OS030EC was quite different though as prices increased 12.7% year over year primarily due to strong December and January prices. These prices coincided with the lowest volume months for the Yale pickers despite a full year increase in average age. The Deere 9570RT had much less variation in price throughout the past year than the other three models dropping only 2.1% year over year with the majority of month over month changes smaller than +/-1%.

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Subtype Model Size Class Avg Age in May ’16 Avg Age in May ’17 % Volume Change April ’17 to May ’17 % Volume Change May ’16 to May ’17
Compact Track Loaders Caterpillar 259D 1751 – 2200 lbs 1.6 2.2 -18.50% 138.70%
Track Tractors Deere 9570RT 300 to 374 hp 1 1.5 13.40% 65.20%
Narrow Aisle Order Pickers Yale OS030EC 3000 – 3499 lbs 10.9 12.1 31.30% -25.00%
Conventional – Sleeper (Heavy Tractor) International PROSTAR PLUS 33001 lbs. & over 4.9 5.5 -37.90% -52.80%

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