Southern States Equipment Rental Market Review

For this edition of the article, we will focus on Region F (The Southern States). These four states make up the second largest amount of construction activity of any of the 14 regions, and is very similar to region C, which was discussed in the first edition of this article.

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Since the first quarter of 2017, EquipmentWatch has collected over 578,000 advertised rental rates for the states in Region F (listed at the bottom of this article). There are over 160 different equipment types that are included in the total number of rates collected, but we will be focusing on 20 of the most popular types in this article. Over the last four quarters, the most popular equipment types in this region have been lift/access equipment, with Telescoping Boom Rough Terrain Lift Trucks (Telehandlers), I.C. Self Propelled Telescopic Boom Aerial Lifts, and Electric Self Propelled Scissor Lifts holding the top three spots.

This graph displays ten of the most popular equipment types and the percent change in weekly rate over the last four quarters. There was very little change in weekly rental rates in the last quarter, with the largest variance being just -1.62% in I.C. Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks. The largest increase in weekly rental rates occurred in Compact Track Loaders, with a growth of 0.98%. This period usually sees rates decline due to seasonality, but with all the started recovery from the severe damage caused by the storms in East Texas and West Louisiana, rates remained stable.

This second graph displays the other ten equipment types and their percent changes in average weekly rates over the past four quarters. After three straight quarters of declining rates, Standard Crawler Dozers had a significant increase in weekly rates in Q4-2017 (14.37%), most likely due to the recovery from the storms. Tandem Vibratory Compactors had the largest decrease in weekly rates in Q4-2017, dropping over 4%. Only three of the ten equipment types had a decrease in rates.

The following three tables display the percent change in average rates for the top 20 equipment types for each quarter. The first table shows the change in each type of rental rate from Q1-2017 to Q2-2017. The second table shows the change in each type of rental rate from Q2-2017 to Q3-2017, and the last table shows the change from Q3-2017 to Q4-2017. There are some interesting trends in each table and when comparing all three, you can see some seasonal trends as well as the differences between daily and monthly rates.

Rental Rate Trend: Change from Q1-2017 to Q2-2017


Equipment TypeDaily Δ Q1 to Q2Weekly Δ Q1 to Q2Monthly Δ Q1 to Q2
4-Wd Articulated Wheel Loaders8.19%7.54%8.56%
Compact Track Loaders2.17%3.23%1.16%
Crawler Mounted Compact Excavators10.37%7.48%8.83%
Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Excavators-3.63%-3.63%0.70%
Electric Self Propelled Scissor Lifts8.40%9.27%10.71%
Hand Held Vibratory Plate Compactors14.50%15.33%13.93%
I.C. Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks-3.03%-3.86%-0.61%
I.C. Self Propelled Scissor Lifts1.74%2.01%1.11%
I.C. Self Propelled Telescopic Boom Aerial Lifts18.15%14.84%11.90%
I.C. Self-Propelled Articulating Boom Aerial Lifts-1.21%-1.23%-2.53%
Large Generator Sets-1.48%-1.90%-2.00%
Portable Light Towers-2.38%1.53%-0.36%
Portable Rotary Screw Air Compressors-5.05%-5.03%-5.22%
Single Drum Vibratory Compactors3.48%2.86%2.22%
Skid Steer Loaders-8.79%-6.75%0.18%
Small Generator Sets-15.27%-10.99%-14.99%
Standard Crawler Dozers-6.28%-7.19%-3.71%
Tandem Vibratory Compactors7.23%15.40%17.60%
Telescoping Boom Rough Terrain Lift Trucks-0.68%1.98%2.78%


Rental Rate Trend: Change from Q2-2017 to Q3-2017


Equipment TypeDaily Δ Q2 to Q3Weekly Δ Q2 to Q3Monthly Δ Q2 to Q3
4-Wd Articulated Wheel Loaders-0.07%0.12%0.21%
Compact Track Loaders0.62%0.90%0.14%
Crawler Mounted Compact Excavators0.93%1.47%1.48%
Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Excavators0.17%-0.25%-0.53%
Electric Self Propelled Scissor Lifts-0.33%0.01%-0.21%
Hand Held Vibratory Plate Compactors0.83%0.53%-0.01%
I.C. Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks-1.74%-2.61%-1.03%
I.C. Self Propelled Scissor Lifts-0.16%-0.11%0.10%
I.C. Self Propelled Telescopic Boom Aerial Lifts-2.33%-1.46%-1.12%
I.C. Self-Propelled Articulating Boom Aerial Lifts0.64%0.36%1.22%
Large Generator Sets0.90%-1.26%-0.49%
Portable Light Towers0.08%-0.49%-0.28%
Portable Rotary Screw Air Compressors0.67%-0.33%0.57%
Single Drum Vibratory Compactors-0.39%0.07%0.46%
Skid Steer Loaders-1.71%-1.65%-1.87%
Small Generator Sets0.23%0.67%0.16%
Standard Crawler Dozers-10.47%-11.77%-6.63%
Tandem Vibratory Compactors-0.18%-0.28%-0.86%
Telescoping Boom Rough Terrain Lift Trucks0.86%0.07%-0.01%


Rental Rate Trend: Change from Q3-2017 to Q4-2017


Equipment TypeDaily Δ Q3 to Q4Weekly Δ Q3 to Q4Monthly Δ Q3 to Q4
4-Wd Articulated Wheel Loaders-0.26%-0.16%0.75%
Compact Track Loaders2.35%0.98%0.31%
Crawler Mounted Compact Excavators0.74%0.59%0.83%
Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Excavators-0.24%-1.02%-1.07%
Electric Self Propelled Scissor Lifts0.75%0.29%0.69%
Hand Held Vibratory Plate Compactors2.87%0.77%1.34%
I.C. Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks-2.20%-1.62%0.08%
I.C. Self Propelled Scissor Lifts1.28%0.38%1.00%
I.C. Self Propelled Telescopic Boom Aerial Lifts1.37%-0.60%0.52%
I.C. Self-Propelled Articulating Boom Aerial Lifts1.61%0.30%0.52%
Large Generator Sets0.06%0.32%1.59%
Portable Light Towers0.38%-2.24%2.56%
Portable Rotary Screw Air Compressors4.42%0.97%2.96%
Single Drum Vibratory Compactors1.05%0.58%0.12%
Skid Steer Loaders0.69%0.03%0.25%
Small Generator Sets-2.17%-0.67%-3.98%
Standard Crawler Dozers12.38%14.37%7.46%
Tandem Vibratory Compactors-2.60%-4.33%-4.23%
Telescoping Boom Rough Terrain Lift Trucks-0.25%0.44%1.09%


Region F: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas