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Using the Universal Search Bar


We've made it easy to quickly find models within EquipmentWatch by providing a universal search bar present in all areas of the website. Simply start typing a manufacturer, model or equipment category to see search suggestions.


Already know exactly what you're looking for? Type your search (e.g. 'Bobcat T190') and press enter to instantly see all matched model results.


Other valid searches include Unique ID (for saved models) and serial number (Note: this feature is in beta).

Note: If you are looking to start a new search within Market Activity, select the 'transactions' radio button in the search bar to return auction and resale results.

Working with Search Filters


Search filters help you refine your results. All filters are dependent on each other, so each additional filter added will further restrict the model results shown. Below we breakdown each individual filter.

Note: Selected filters will also be applied to any new search typed into the universal search bar - so be sure to select 'Clear All' to begin a brand new model search.

  • Filtering by Data Set


The Data Set filter ensures that the search only returns models that have the data set you are looking for. It's often a good practice to select a data set filter before beginning a new search.. This is especially helpful when searching for non-manufacturer-specific Cost models (e.g. 'light duty trucks').

Data Set filters can be used in combination with each other. Select multiple options to only see models that have data for all selected data sets.

  • Filtering by Category

The Category filter allows you to search for models within categories and/or subtypes of equipment (long-time EquipmentWatch subscribers will recognize this search option from the former website). Click on the Category name to view all available subtypes within. Alternatively, select the checkbox for that Category to see all models within that category.


  • Filtering by Manufacturer

The Manufacturer filter will refine results to only include selected manufacturers.


  • Filtering by Serial Number

Inputting a Serial Number into this filter will attempt to refine results by searching for models with relevant serial number ranges. Due to the non-standard nature of serial numbers, it's a good idea to check the Verification page for a specific model even if the serial number filter did not return results on the search page.


Working with Results


Once you've found your model in the search results, click the check symbol underneath the desired data set to be taken directly to the detail page for that model. If no data is available for the selected model, dash will be displayed. If you see a  lock symbol, data is available but your subscription does not currently have access to it (contact us to update your subscription).


You can also utilize search to quickly save models to your All Saved Models as well as any pre-defined Group by clicking the ADD TO button for a model.


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