Market Activity

Introduction to Market Activity

With EquipmentWatch’s Market Activity Data, you can explore the world’s largest transactional database for heavy equipment.  For each asset, the marketplace, manufacturer, model, model year, location, date, and price are listed.  Serial numbers and meter reads are also provided whenever possible.

EquipmentWatch monitors two separate market types of markets, auction and resale.  A results summary displays the average resale and average auction price for the search results.  You’ll also see the minimum and maximum recorded prices for each sales type.




Auction data is compiled from publicly available sources and updated as soon as results are available.  Our auction data includes transactions for heavy equipment conducted within the last 20 years, and both the name of the auctioneer and the final sale price is listed in the results.

Resale data is obtained through relationships with equipment sellers and distributors.  While you can view asking prices in Market Activity Data, the names of individual sellers are not shared.  Only transactions recorded within the last three months are included.

You can easily distinguish between resale and auction data by checking the Market Place & Type column in the results.  To view data from just one source, check the box beside Marketplace Type to filter the results.


Refining Search Results

Use any of the filters on the left to narrow your search to specific manufacturers, models, or types of equipment.

You can also search for transactions within a particular price range,  time frame, or model year range using the horizontal sliders shown below.  Simply click on one or both of the endpoints and drag to the desired value.  Search results will automatically be updated to reflect your changes.











Other search options include location and serial number search.   To search for records within a particular state or province, enter the name into the Location box.  If you enter a serial number, your search results will only contain records with a matching serial number.




Exporting Search Results

To export transactions, click the download link to the right.  Your results will be exported to a .csv file.



The maximum number of records you can export is 100.  If your search results contain more than 100 records, you will be prompted to refine your search or to continue the download with the first 100 results listed.

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