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Introduction to Verification

Identifying the make, model, and model year of is crucial for anyone dealing with heavy equipment.  Accurate serial number information ensures that market value is properly assessed, correct parts are ordered for repairs, and sales transactions go smoothly.  EquipmentWatch’s Verification product is designed to help you determine the right model year and the location of identification or serial number plates for equipment. The new Search 2.0 experience makes searching by serial number easier than ever.

Searching by serial number is now a first-step option in the new EquipmentWatch search experience. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to use this featured pictured below.

We have been the serial number verification standard for decades, receiving serial number ranges and rules directly from a long list of participating manufacturers.  For those manufacturers who do not release their serial numbers, field reported numbers may be listed. Field reported serial numbers are estimates based on surveys of distributors, information from UCC-1 filings, and analysis of our database of millions of equipment transactions.  Only the equipment manufacturers can assume responsibility for complete serial number accuracy. 


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Inputting a Serial Number for Verification

To verify a piece of equipment’s model name and year of manufacture, enter the serial number in the box shown below and click “GO.”  The serial number is instantly compared to documented manufacturer ranges or other rules, and results are shown to the right.



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Viewing Recorded Marketplace Activity for a Specific Serial Number

When you enter a serial number to be verified, we’ll search our transactional database for any recent equipment sales with a matching serial number.  The results are displayed in the Marketplace Activity table.  You’ll be able to see when equipment changed hands – the location, sales channel (Resale/Dealer or Auction), asking price/final auction price, and meter reads are available.

By default, only the most recent records are displayed To view all available records, click “View All” at the bottom of the table.

As the first solution of its kind in the heavy equipment industry, this feature allows you to track the detailed history of any specific asset, allowing for:

  • Gray market avoidance detection
  • Meter read fraud prevention


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Viewing Serial Number Ranges

For manufacturers that use numeric ranges, you can view the lowest and highest known serial numbers for each year of production in the Serial Number Ranges Reference table.  Because not all manufacturers use a single consecutive range for every year, you may see multiple ranges for the same model year.  In this example, serial numbers ranging from 178205-183158 or 190083-190737 are valid for a 2010 model.

In the table, model years are listed from newest to oldest.  Click “View all” to see ranges for all model years.


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Using Notes

Any additional information useful for identifying manufacturer, model, or model year is provided beneath the ranges reference table.  Manufacturer notes can provide useful reference or trade name information to assist in determining the manufacturer or specific brand.  EquipmentWatch also lists the location of serial numbers or identification plates on the equipment for that manufacturer.

Notes may refer to either a type of equipment (such as SKID-STEER LOADERS) or to a specific model.  In the location details below, notice that serial numbers for skid-steer loaders are generally found within the operator compartment.  For the models JD14, JD24, and JD24A, however, the identification information is located to the right of the rear lift arm.


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Printing a Serial Number Verification Report

Print a serial number report for the selected model by clicking the printer icon on the right.


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Exporting a Serial Number Verification Report

You can also export a serial number report to a pdf by clicking on the download link next to the printer icon.


Discover our serial number verification feature >>

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