Rental Partnership Program

The Only Source of Benchmark Advertised Retail Rental Rates

New business leads. Comped subscription services.
No expensive software integration.

What is the Rental Partnership Program?

The Rental Partnership Program is a collaboration between EquipmentWatch and participating rental companies providing a mutually beneficial relationship. With absolutely NO cost to take on from our rental partners, it’s the fastest, easiest way to obtain subscription data access, receive new business leads and consume industry report intelligence.

Subscription Data Access

Get comped access to our Rental Seller Package as a data contributor.

New Business Leads

Additionally, as the data and intelligence leader to professional equipment managers, all participating rental companies get listed in our Retail Rental Product (screenshot below), used by over 4,000 leading contractors.


Report Intelligence

Get comped access to our PREMIUM EquipmentWatch Market Report, Residual Value Report and other Special Reports.

How does this work?

Once per quarter, our analyst team will reach out to you directly to collaborate on updating the participant data set. Data is communicated via a standard Excel file format, which will be supplied.

For most of our partners, this file is already completed and takes just a few minutes to adjust. Future quarterly updates only requires 5-10 minutes to make any relevant rate changes.

What data is requested each quarter?

Within an easily-shared Excel file (no integrations needed):

– Advertised retail rental rates (not invoiced rental rates)
– Equipment purchase prices

New business leads. Comped subscription services.
No expensive software integration.

What’s included?