Mobile Verification App

The only mobile app for Serial Number and VIN model year verification. Included in the following plans: Construction, Dealership, and Finance & Insurance.

Serial number verification app on two mobile phones

Verify Serial Numbers

Verify serial numbers for virtually every construction, lift/access and agricultural model on the market.

Lookup VINs

Decode VINs (Vehicle Identification Number) and retrieve vehicle specification data for commercial trucks and autos.

Access Anywhere

Access serial number and VIN verification anywhere your phone can connect to the internet.

Mobile Verification

  • The industry’s only mobile app for serial number and VIN decoding

  • Enables you to quickly identify assets in the field, ensuring parts can be ordered for repairs or sales transactions go smoothly

  • Available in both the Values and Pro Packages

Serial Number Year Verification
for Off-Highway Equipment

Enter a manufacturer, model and serial number to verify year of manufacture. Full serial number ranges for all model years are displayed whether or not a serial number match is found. Serial numbers for 77K+ Construction & Lift/Access Truck models.

Mobile VIN Decoding
for On-Highway Vehicles

Enter a VIN to decode make, model and verified year along with vehicle category and gross vehicle weight (GVW). VINs for 13K+ Commercial Trucks and 76K+ Cars and Light Trucks.


Requires active qualifying EquipmentWatch subscription

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