Guides/Thought Leadership

2022 Rental Decision Point cover

Rental Decision Point

Learn a new way to evaluate when you should use an owned asset vs. a rented asset.

Front cover of the Heavy Equipment Buying and Selling Guide whitepaper

Heavy Equipment Buying and Selling Guide

Research highlighting purchasing and selling fundamentals equipment owners should take into consideration in the current marketplace.

EquipmentWatch State of the Construction Equipment Economy Report cover

State of the Construction Equipment Economy

Research examining the health of today’s construction equipment economy and marketplace.

What's a brand name worth front cover

What’s a Brand Name Worth?

An examination of how brand influences pricing for construction, lift/access and agricultural equipment.

Future proofing whitepaper cover

Future-Proofing the Construction Business

Research reveals an alarming amount of construction firms are not positioning for economic recovery. Learn how to enable your business for long-term success.


Cost Recovery Guide

Provides construction professionals with key industry concepts, terms and helpful links.


Values Guide

Examines key equipment valuations: FMV, OLV, FLV and residual values.



EquipmentWatch Market Report

Download a free monthly report of key market performance indicators.

EquipmentWatch Rental Report Cover image

EquipmentWatch Rental Update

Download a free quarterly report of rental rate trends.

Podcasts and Industry Interviews


Canadian Rental Service Podcast

Keith Tyson joins Counter Talks to look over the rental rate numbers for the first half of 2020 and evaluate what effect if any the pandemic has had.


Image promoting a webinar by EquipmentWatch

Jobsite Productivity in Real-Time: Making The Best of Your Fleet’s Data

Discover how managing your fleet well can reduce your costs and improve the efficiency of your operations ten-fold.

Future proofing whitepaper cover

Future-Proofing the Construction Business

In 6 minutes, learn how the pandemic has impacted the construction industry, and 7 concrete steps contractors can take to protect their businesses against future downturns or economic challenges.


Webinar: Internal Charge Rates

Learn how to set accurate equipment rates that create competitive advantages throughout your business.


Webinar: Orderly Liquidation Values (OLV)

Learn the process that EquipmentWatch used to set a standard method for calculating OLV.


Webinar: How to Get the Entire Dealership to Think Strategically

Learn how to leverage critical data points across the entire organization.

Image of Standby Rates and Idling Rates webinar information

Webinar: Standby & Idling Rates

Discover how our new standard in standby and idling rates can help you better manage your equipment fleet and costs.


Webinar: Streamlining Cost Recovery

Learn best practices that allow leading organizations to increase efficiency and get reimbursed faster.


Webinar: How to Use Data to Improve Your Equipment Lifecycle Management

Learn how to complement your in-house expertise with outside data to make faster, better equipment decisions.

Title image of The Role of Equipment Rate Groups

Webinar: Equipment Rate Groups

Watch and learn how fleet-based charge rates lead to higher margins


Webinar: Consulting Solutions

Watch and learn more about our advanced consulting solutions