Future-proofing the construction business is essential to protect equipment interests and position for long-term success. Read the report HERE.


Guides/Thought Leadership


Future-Proofing the Construction Business

Research reveals an alarming amount of construction firms are not positioning for economic recovery. Learn how to enable your business for long-term success.


Cost Recovery Guide

Provides construction professionals with key industry concepts, terms and helpful links.


Values Guide

Examines key equipment valuations: FMV, OLV, FLV and residual values.


Rental Decision Point

Learn a new way to evaluate when you should use an owned asset vs. a rented asset.



EquipmentWatch Market Report

Download a free monthly report of key market performance indicators.

EquipmentWatch Rental Update

Download a free quarterly report of rental rate trends.



Webinar: Internal Charge Rates

Learn how to set accurate equipment rates that create competitive advantages throughout your business.


Webinar: Orderly Liquidation Values (OLV)

Learn the process that EquipmentWatch used to set a standard method for calculating OLV.


Webinar: How to Get the Entire Dealership to Think Strategically

Learn how to leverage critical data points across the entire organization.

Webinar: Standby & Idling Rates

Discover how our new standard in standby and idling rates can help you better manage your equipment fleet and costs.


Webinar: Streamlining Cost Recovery

Learn best practices that allow leading organizations to increase efficiency and get reimbursed faster.


Webinar: How to Use Data to Improve Your Equipment Lifecycle Management

Learn how to complement your in-house expertise with outside data to make faster, better equipment decisions.

Webinar: Equipment Rate Groups

Watch and learn how fleet-based charge rates lead to higher margins


Webinar: Consulting Solutions

Watch and learn more about our advanced consulting solutions