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EquipmentWatch Values & Market Data
The trusted, accepted source for heavy equipment values and prices.


Access data-driven fair market, orderly liquidation, and forced liquidation values for equipment, trusted by industry professionals since 1958.


Visualize price trending, market popularity, and the impact of location, utilization, and equipment options for thousands of models.


Search recorded market activity using the industry’s largest database of the resale and auction channels.

Formerly known as: Green Guide

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Value With Accuracy

Accurate model valuation requires customization.
Adjust values based on asset usage, location, condition and options & extras.

Benchmark Asset Usage

Equipment usage has the single largest impact on an asset’s resale value.
Enter a meter reading to benchmark an asset’s relative usage across all like models.

See Market Transactions

View recent marketplace activity for a model across the resale and auction channels.
Refine your search by location, model year and more.

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