Internal Charge Rates

A powerful tool for the creation of internal charge rates using global and equipment specific customized adjustments. Included in the following plans: Construction, and Dealership.

Image of desktop view of internal charge rates.

Set Accurate Rates

Calculate asset-specific hourly charge rates using our user-friendly interface.

Reduce Ownership Costs

Manage equipment lifecycle more effectively by understanding the impact that ownership cost factors have on hourly charge rates.

Increase Margins

Leverage accurate charge rate information to make informed acquisition and ‘rent vs. use owned’ decisions.

Internal Charge Rates

  • Create more accurate estimates by adjusting key variables – giving you a more realistic benchmark of your specific equipment costs.

  • Easily update critical factors to understand the impact each factor has on your final internal charge rates such as general cost factors, ownership costs, and operating costs.

  • Costs are estimated as annualized figures for the life of the equipment.

  • Available in both the Light and Pro packages

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