Retail Rental Rates

AED Green Book

Benchmark retail rental rates against 1 million+ rates collected quarterly from over 500 rental companies. Included in the following plans: Construction and Dealership.


Access Rental Rates

Access up-to-date average advertised rental rates sourced from over 500 rental companies across the United States and Canada.

Visualize Trends

Understand pricing trends with two-year visualizations of average rental rates in aggregate and at a state/province level.

Adjust Locally

Find the best deals by viewing actual advertised rental rates from locally-sourced rental houses.

You may know our Retail Rental Rates
as the AED Green Book

Retail Rental Rates

  • Access up-to-date rental rates sourced from over 500 companies across the United States and Canada –all of which is then mapped to our proprietary taxonomy by category, subtype, and size class

  • Formerly known as the industry standard, AED Green Book 

  • Available in both the Light and Pro packages

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