Equipment Residual Value Awards

Komatsu GD655

EquipmentWatch Highest Retained Value Award Winner

Motor Graders

Photo Credit: Komatsu

The GD655-6, shown here, is the latest iteration in this winning series by Komatsu. It has the longest wheel base in this class of graders, and with a 25 degree articulation angle it can hold a 24 foot turning radius. The unique features on Komatsu graders do three things; First, they make the good operator better with precise, excavator style hydraulics and no worries about ever causing the engine to stall; Second, the unique dual mode transmission makes it much easier for inexperienced operators to improve their technique and get good quickly; Lastly, the hydraulics integrate extremely well with the latest grade control system for precision operation.


7.8 years
Average age in Market
2016 Market Share
Average Annualized Meter Reads