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Market Data API

Unique API providing access to raw equipment sales activity and market-derived utilization and popularity benchmarks.

 "transactions": [{
 "modelRdbId": 168106,
 "modelName": "120M2",
 "modelAliases": ["120M2", "120M2AWDT4", "120M2OEM"],
 "manufacturerRdbId": 855,
 "manufacturerName": "Caterpillar",
 "categoryRdbId": 19,
 "categoryName": "Graders",
 "equipmentSubtypeRdbId": 473,
 "equipmentSubtypeName": "Articulated Frame Graders",
 "equipmentSubtypeSizeRdbId": 284,
 "equipmentSubtypeSizeName": "145 - 169 HP",
 "saleType": "Auction",
 "year": 2012,
 "condition": "Unknown",
 "date": "2015-03-26T00:00:00.000Z",
 "marketplaceName": "Deanco Auction Co. of Mississippi, Inc.",
 "marketplaceUrl": "",
 "participantRdbId": 20816,
 "price": 97500,
 "country": "United States",
 "state": "Texas",
 "city": "Wills Point"

The Market Data API

Access APIs built on top of the industry’s largest and oldest database of resale and auction market activity. Pull raw transactional observations by channel (resale or auction) or by serial number. Retrieve relative benchmarks regarding asset utilization and market popularity.

Want to see it in action? The Market Data API powers EquipmentWatch Market Activity.

Ideal for:

– Data mining and predictive analytics
– Hedge fund / equity analyst research
– Underwriting applications

Endpoints, Market Data API:

– GET Market Data, Auction
– GET Market Data, Resale
– GET Popularity
– GET Utilization
– GET Market Data by Serial Number
– GET Market Data Volume Trending

Asset Type Coverage:

– Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving
– Lift/Access
– Agricultural