Retail Rental API

API access to national, regional and rental-house specific equipment rental rates.

 "revisionDate": "2016-08-14",
 "modelRdbId": 31669,
 "modelName": "120M",
 "modelAliases": ["120M"],
 "modelInstanceName": "120M",
 "manufacturerRdbId": 855,
 "manufacturerName": "Caterpillar",
 "categoryRdbId": 19,
 "categoryName": "Graders",
 "equipmentSubtypeRdbId": 473,
 "equipmentSubtypeName": "Articulated Frame Graders",
 "equipmentSubtypeSizeRdbId": 283,
 "equipmentSubtypeSizeName": "130 - 144 HP",
 "subdivision": "National Only",
 "nationalAverageRetailRentalRates": [{
 "daily_rate": 980,
 "monthly_rate": 6995,
 "weekly_rate": 2613,
 "date": "2016-08-14T00:00:00.000Z"
 "averageRetailRentalRates": []

The Retail Rental API

Covering nearly every equipment rental house in North America, the Retail Rental API provides access to average daily, weekly and monthly rental rates for thousands of models. Flexible queries allow the user to retrieve national, regional or house-specific data.

Want to see it in action? The Retail Rental API powers EquipmentWatch Retail Rental.

Ideal for:

– Integration into fleet management software
– Including rental data in dealer applications

Endpoints, Retail Rental API:

– GET Rental Rates by Model
– GET Rental Rates by Size
– GET Rental Houses
– GET Rental House Rates

Asset Type Coverage:

– Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving
– Lift/Access