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Specs API

API access to the industry’s most comprehensive database of rich machine specifications.

 "specs": [{
 "componentName": "Moldboard",
 "specificationName": "Moldboard Size",
 "value": "12 ft"
 }, {
 "componentName": "Engine",
 "specificationName": "Net Horsepower",
 "value": "138 hp"
 }, {
 "componentName": "Engine",
 "specificationName": "Engine",
 "value": "C6.6"
 }, {
 "componentName": "Engine",
 "specificationName": "Engine Manufacturer",
 "value": "Caterpillar"
 }, {
 "componentName": "Operator Protection",
 "specificationName": "Operator Protection",
 "value": "EROPS"

The Specs API

The Specs API offers developers programmatic access to rich specifications for more than 33k heavy equipment models. Output is parsed and organized into spec families, including weights & dimensions, engine, hydraulics, axles & tires, fluid capacities and more.

Want to see it in action? The Specs API powers EquipmentWatch Specs.

Ideal for:

– Accessing dimensional model data for shipping estimation
– Enriching model attributes in marketplaces and applications

Endpoints, Specs API:

– GET Specs
– GET Display Specs

Asset Type Coverage:

– Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving
– Lift/Access
– Agricultural