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Taxonomy API

Foundational API providing critical taxonomical data and manufacturer and model database access.

    "categories": [{
        "categoryRdbId": 12,
        "categoryName": "Excavators",
        "categorySlug": "excavators",
        "subtypes": [{
            "subtypeRdbId": 219,
            "subtypeName": "Excavator Rail Gear",
            "subtypeSlug": "excavator-rail-gear",
            "sizes": [{
                "sizeId": 845,
                "sizeClass": "All"
        }, {
            "subtypeRdbId": 223,
            "subtypeName": "Hydraulic Bucket Thumbs",
            "subtypeSlug": "hydraulic-bucket-thumbs",
            "sizes": [{
                "sizeId": 827,
                "sizeClass": "ALL"

The Taxonomy API

Access the industry’s most comprehensive heavy equipment make and model database. Includes standardized equipment classification of category, subtype and size class for over 100k heavy equipment models. Also offers extensive aliasing to normalize naming conventions and compensate for user input errors.

Want to see it in action? The Taxonomy API powers the search page of our EquipmentWatch Application.

Ideal for:

– Powering make/model drop downs and user facing applications
– Cleaning and structuring data for predictive analytics

Endpoints, Taxonomy API:

– GET Models
– GET Manufacturers
– GET Categories
– GET Subtypes
– GET Sizes
– GET Configurations

Asset Type Coverage:

– Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving
– Lift/Access
– Agricultural