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Values API

API delivery of up-to-date market values and pricing data for heavy equipment

 "year": 2011,
 "meterreads": "1498",
 "condition": "Very Good",
 "country": "United States",
 "subdivision": "Tennessee",
 "modelRdbId": 31669,
 "modelName": "120M",
 "modelAliases": ["120M"],
 "modelInstanceName": "120M",
 "manufacturerRdbId": 855,
 "manufacturerName": "Caterpillar",
 "categoryRdbId": 19,
 "categoryName": "Graders",
 "equipmentSubtypeRdbId": 473,
 "equipmentSubtypeName": "Articulated Frame Graders",
 "equipmentSubtypeSizeRdbId": 283,
 "equipmentSubtypeSizeName": "130 - 144 HP",
 "original": 297800,
 "adjustedFmv": 140331,
 "adjustedFlv": 91215,
 "unadjustedFmv": 132602,
 "unadjustedFlv": 86191,
 "revisionDate": "2017-03-08T00:00:00.000Z"

The Values API

The Values API provides access to current and trended, market-driven Fair Market Values (FMV), Forced Liquidation Values (FLV) and Orderly Liquidation Values (OLV) for equipment models. Customize asset valuation by adjusting for condition, utilization, options & extras, location and more.

Want to see it in action? The Values API powers EquipmentWatch Values.

Ideal for:

– Large scale fleet valuation
– Integrating values into finance and insurance applications

Endpoints, Values API:

– GET Values
– GET Options & Extras
– GET Value Trending

Asset Type Coverage:

– Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving
– Lift/Access
– Agricultural