Verification API

The industry’s only serial number decoding API for model year verification

 "serialNumber": "60311270",
 "models": [{
 "modelRdbId": 20807,
 "modelName": "CA121PDB",
 "modelAliases": ["CA121PDB", "CA-121PDB"],
 "modelInstanceName": "CA121PDB (disc. 2008)",
 "manufacturerRdbId": 1390,
 "manufacturerName": "Dynapac",
 "categoryRdbId": 47,
 "categoryName": "Compactors",
 "equipmentSubtypeRdbId": 1299,
 "equipmentSubtypeName": "Single Drum Vibratory Compactors",
 "equipmentSubtypeSizeRdbId": 450,
 "equipmentSubtypeSizeName": "3.0 - 4.9 MTons",
 "year": 2006,
 "highSerialNumber": "60311409",
 "lowSerialNumber": "60311270"

The Verification API

Verify year of manufacture based on supplied serial number for nearly 30,000 models by using the industry’s only verification API. Access manufacturer information regarding interpretation as well as notes to assist in the location of serial numbers on machines.

Want to see it in action? The Verification API powers EquipmentWatch Verification.

Ideal for:

– Validating year of manufacture when financing or underwriting assets
– Reducing liability when listing third-party assets for sale

Endpoints, Verification API:

– GET Year Verification
– GET Manufacturer Notes
– GET Serial Number Location

Asset Type Coverage:

– Heavy Equipment/Earthmoving
– Lift/Access
– Agricultural