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The Asset Inspection Plan

Available for Immediate Download


Note: You will need to complete the purchase of the Asset Inspection Plan to obtain credentials to log into the mobile application.

Verify Serial Numbers & VINs From Your Phone

The EquipmentWatch Verification mobile app enables both serial number and VIN decoding from anywhere in the field. Instantly verify off-highway equipment and on-highway vehicles from your phone and share via text or email. Available for iOS and Android.

(Formerly known as Serial Number Guide)


View Comprehensive Asset Details From Your Desk

Covering nearly every major piece of heavy equipment built in the last 50 years, our web-based Verification product gives you not only the ability to identify and verify serial numbers, but also access to any observed sales history leveraging the industry’s largest database of resale and auction data.

(Formerly known as the Serial Number Guide)


Access Rich Equipment Specifications

The industry’s oldest and richest database, Specs provides you with shipping dimensions along with detailed equipment specs for construction, lift truck and agricultural models. Easily compare similar models through the EquipmentWatch standardized equipment classification system.

(Formerly known as SpecFinder)


The Asset Inspection Plan