Ag Tractors Coverage Expanded in EquipmentWatch’s Rental Rate Blue Book

Nearly 1000 brand new models added for an entire new subtype.

You read it right. Our analyst team recently added 949 ag tractor models to the EquipmentWatch Rental Rate Blue Book & Internal Charge Rate products.

Prior to this update, the presence of ag tractors within our database was admittedly limited. We’re excited about the big addition and you should be too. Here’s why:

Let’s see how it looks in this example where we search “wheel tractors” and filter from there:

Now let’s see how it looks in Rental Rate Blue Book, and then when using Internal Charge Rates:

A quick recap of the important takeaways from this update:

  • We didn’t just add some tractors to our product. We added nearly 1000 from 20 different manufacturers with tons of data behind each model.
  • This is an entire new subtype now available at your fingertips. Access this information anytime, anywhere with applicable EquipmentWatch subscriptions.
  • For our customers, it was a seamless update. All that changed is the addition of the new ag tractor models. You’ll still be greeted with the same in-app experience you’re used to.
  • The update can be leveraged within the EquipmentWatch platform via two different tools: Rental rate Blue Book & Internal Charge Rates

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Or check out the product guides for yourself here:
Rental Rate Blue Book
Internal Charge Rates

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Erin C. Kadzis
Product Marketing Manager
[email protected]