Are you leaving money on the table when it comes to your equipment investments?

In today’s business world, where every dollar can make or break a project, making the most of your equipment investments isn’t just an option—it’s a must-do. And with industry experts warning of a possible slowdown in the construction sector for 2024, how you handle your fleet investments this year will be more critical than ever.

At EquipmentWatch, we understand how challenging coming up with accurate valuations can be. That’s why we’re here to show you how our data can be your secret weapon in the battle to maximize your equipment’s resale value.

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The Resale Value Dilemma

The decision to rent or purchase equipment is a crucial one, and it directly impacts your bottom line. Coming off a year with staggering growth for the rental market (with the American Rental Association having to revise their projections upwards two separate times), understanding the true cost of ownership has never been more critical. This is where EquipmentWatch steps in.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Our Retail Rental Rate, used in conjunction with our Internal Charge Rate Calculator, forms the foundation of informed decision-making. No more guesswork, no more uncertainty. With our data, you can accurately update essential ownership factors like original price and annual use hours, allowing you to calculate precise monthly costs.

The Cost of Falling Behind

In a rapidly evolving industry, falling behind can cost you dearly. Outdated rates can lead to financial losses that can be avoided with accurate, up-to-date data. EquipmentWatch ensures that you’re always one step ahead, allowing you to make decisions with confidence.


The Power of Accurate Data

Accurate data isn’t just important; it’s the key to making sound decisions that impact your bottom line. In today’s world, project owners and contractors are seeking precision in their rate calculations. They rely on multiple data sources to benchmark rates and make informed choices. The decision between renting and purchasing equipment hinges on the accuracy of this data. EquipmentWatch understands the importance of providing you with reliable and substantiated ownership and operating costs. 

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EquipmentWatch has been the industry’s unbiased source for over 60 years. Our clients trust us to spot trends and highlight critical changes. So, are you ready to turn your equipment investments into a profitable endeavor? Equip yourself with the data and tools you need to make confident decisions. Take the first step towards maximizing your equipment’s resale value with EquipmentWatch. We’re here to keep you ahead of the curve, ensuring that you never leave money on the table.

At EquipmentWatch, we analyze equipment values on a regular basis with our monthly Market Reports. More in-depth reports such as The State of the Construction Equipment Economy aim to arm you with the insights you need to make quality, informed decisions about how to manage your heavy equipment. EquipmentWatch can help you with the data you need now to set accurate rates, value your fleet, make disposition decisions, and understand when to rent equipment. We are also ready to be your principal data provider for any AI-focused projects you take on in the future. For more information on the data solutions offered by EquipmentWatch call us at (888) 307-1713.