EquipmentWatch Cost Recovery – Q2 2022 Cost Update | EquipmentWatch

EquipmentWatch Cost Recovery – Q2 2022 Cost Update

The latest large-scale cost update from EquipmentWatch was just released. What you’ll see in this quarterly update:

  • Impact of high fuel prices—gasoline and diesel prices increased 15% and 11% respectively, causing ownership/operating costs to climb as well.
  • Average operating costs are up by 6%.
  • Average FHWA rates increased by 4.3%.

A note about navigating Cost Recovery: Last quarter, we added thousands of new models and 11 subtypes to make it easier to search and filter results in Cost Recovery. As part of this change, all of the latest data can be found using the new subtypes linked with the categories Light Duty Trucks, Medium Duty Trucks, and Passenger Vans.

Managing the uncertainty and disruption of today’s market is challenging. EquipmentWatch’s Cost Recovery product empowers contractors with large-scale industry benchmarks to help you better understand costs and make more informed decisions.