EquipmentWatch Cost Recovery – Q4 2022 Cost Update

The latest large-scale cost update from EquipmentWatch was just released. What you’ll see in this quarterly update:

  • Average operating cost (impacted by fuel costs) decreased by approximately 3.87%
  • Average FHWA rate declined by roughly 1.70% due to lower fuel prices. Between Q3 and Q4:
    • Gas decreased from $4.876 to $3.69 (24.32% decrease)
    • Diesel decreased from $5.703 to $5.033 (11.75% decrease)
  • 499 new models have been added to the Cost Recovery product.

Make sure you have the most accurate equipment cost data available with EquipmentWatch’s Cost Recovery product. With the latest equipment intelligence, you can plan more effectively, get reimbursed quickly, and understand your costs.