Our Biggest Cost Recovery Update in Years

July 2017 Ownership & Operating Rates Are Live!

July 18, 2017 – The EquipmentWatch Cost Recovery product (also known as the Rental Rate Blue Book) is the industry standard for ownership & operating costs. Our mission for over 50 years has been to simplify the reimbursement process in extra work situations by providing charge rates for equipment that are accurate and realistic. With that mission in mind, we’re excited to announce we’ve made major upgrades to our product with the latest update – now available online.

More Accurate Rates for All Models

For the first time ever, we’ve updated the rates for all 17,000+ models covered by the Cost Recovery product during a single update. Historically, only half of the models could be updated during each update in January and July. But improvements to our data collection and QA process now allow our analyst team to update 100% of the models, twice a year. This means that all your rates will now reflect the latest cost data in the market, including fuel prices, mechanic’s wage, cost of money, and more.

Thousands of New Models Added

The July release represents the largest update in history in terms of model coverage. We’ve added over 3,260 new models and over 36 new subtypes. The most notable change will be the addition of model specific lift and access equipment (online only). You can now search for your specific lift model, including the Skyjack SJIII 3219 or the Toyota 8FGU25, instead of relying on a configuration that best approximates your machine.

A Commitment to Constant Improvement

We’ve also come to recognize that sometimes six months is too long to wait to add new models to the Cost Recovery product. Going forward, we’ll be adding new models throughout the year, ensuring that our product is constantly improving. So stay tuned! There’s more good news to come!


We hope the addition of the new models and increased updates will improve your EquipmentWatch experience! Now we’d love to hear from you. Email us and let us know!


Elise Gregory
Senior Industry Analyst
[email protected]