A Major Update to the Residual Values App

Our best-kept secret just got better…

There’s a possibility you may not have heard of one of our latest and greatest tools, the EquipmentWatch Residual Values app. To be honest, we haven’t done a ton to promote it. Why? We don’t really know! But we DO know it’s kind of amazing. And it just got a whole lot better.

How It Differs

The Residual Values app is designed to enable organizations to quickly and efficiently estimate residual values for heavy construction, agriculture, and lift equipment.

It’s different from app.equipmentwatch.com because it’s focused on doing just one job well – projecting future market values. The Residual Values app is the only place you can pull this specific information, and fast.

Need to know what the value of an asset will be in 4 years? 7 years?… This is where you’ll find that projection. You can even further refine your residual by entering your own purchase price and annual usage expectation. And it’s all based on empirical data we researched in house, NOT averages.

What’s New?

Starting today, all users of Residual Values have access to Orderly Liquidation Values in the app! If you aren’t already familiar, you can read about how we determined a new OLV standard for use in the core EquipmentWatch platform earlier this year.

We’ve also added a brand new graph and table that display actual dollar amounts:

How Will You Use This New Functionality?

We’ve updated the Residual Values Product Guide if you’d like to learn more about these awesome new features. Next, we’d love to learn from you: How will you leverage the updated Residual Values App? Will you use it to better understand your equity position? Make better informed disposition and purchasing decisions? Let us know!

Not a customer yet? You can learn more about Residual Values by scheduling a free demo during a time that works best for you:


Got some ideas? Contact our team anytime you have comments or thoughts on how we can improve EquipmentWatch: [email protected]

Erin C. Kadzis
Product Marketing Manager
[email protected]