EquipmentWatch Tools (BETA): A New Delivery Method for Critical Equipment and Vehicle Data Attributes

Powered by the EquipmentWatch API, these unique tools output critical data attributes that go beyond our online software, delivering values needed to make informed decisions across the industry- construction, lift/access, agriculture, rental, and commercial trucks.


EquipmentWatch Tools are a new way to put our heavy equipment data to use. Still in the testing (BETA) period, these tools utilize the EquipmentWatch API to deliver the benefits of direct data integration without the need for any development work.

We’ve also built truck data-centric Tools powered by Price Digests, the leading truck data and valuation business (and also a sister brand of EquipmentWatch).

So, why are they important? 

Arming our customers with the best heavy equipment data and insights has always been a top priority, but as the industry evolves to a more tech-centric world,  accessing data is now only half the battle. “We want to emphasize the “HOW” customers receive data- the delivery method should be just as important as the data itself ” explains Garrett Schemmel, Vice President of EquipmentWatch. 

These tools were built to support the businesses who need access to heavy equipment data, but are not ready for a full API development. This delivery method allows users to bypass the time and cost needed to integrate data directly into a software or platform.

How do I get one?

To get started, visit EquipmentWatch Tools where you will find a list of available Tools. Simply identify the one you would like to use and fill out the form to request access. A member of our Product team will be in touch with you to discuss step-by-step instructions. After a short set up process and file share, you’re ready to go.

You’ll also notice we’ve developed three unique ways to use EquipmentWatch Tools: 

1. Microsoft Excel. Yep, that’s right. We have the capability to integrate our API technology directly into an Excel spreadsheet to streamline workflow and improve efficiency.

Current Excel Tools include Rental Decision Point, Rent vs. Use Owned, and Batch Vin Verification/Decoding (powered by the Price Digests API).


2. Web dashboards via Google (COMING SOON). These tools are still in production, but will allow users to uncover deep insights and data mining, drilling down to the data you need – date sold, state level insights, and even zipcode breakdowns.


3. Build your own. 100 Tools in 365 days – that’s our goal. Each of our Tools is created specifically around different use cases based on customer feedback and interactions. With that being said, we want the EquipmentWatch community to be directly involved in building these Tools.


If you don’t see the tool you need on our list, or have an idea for one, reach out to us and we’ll partner to help you build or implement one you’ve already created. We’ll even include it in our list of Tools available to all EquipmentWatch customers.

Who has access?

Tools are available to all EquipmentWatch users. During this limited access BETA period we are also granting free use of the Tools to qualified candidates. We welcome your feedback as we work to improve and expand the EquipmentWatch Tools.


To get started using Tools, head over to


Madison Kerr
Marketing Specialist
[email protected]