Retail Rental Update – Q3 2017

Updated Rates Now Online

July 27, 2017 – The EquipmentWatch Retail Rental Product (also known as the AED Green Book) is the industry standard for advertised rental rates across the United States and Canada. Since 1994, EquipmentWatch has been collecting advertised rental rates in order to help contractors procure the best rate possible and help rental houses in setting their rates. In our most recent rental update, we have made a few major upgrades to our product – now available online.

And if you missed the recent Rental Update report reviewing Q2-2017 rates and trends, you can download it here.

Nearly One Million Rates

Our goal with each update is to increase retail rental accuracy by increasing the amount of data that powers our calculations. This quarterly update we collected almost one million advertised rental rates from all fifty U.S. states, plus all of the Canadian provinces. To put that into context, our Q3 2016 update was comprised of just under 100,000 rental rates. This nearly 10x increase in data is the result of advances in data collection and an increased focus on industry partnerships. More importantly it means your rates are more accurate than ever.

More Regional Data + New Canadian Adjustments

The increase in rate collection also means much more regional data is available within the product. We’ve used this data not only to improve our existing state-based adjustments, but now also offer Canadian province-based adjustments for the first time ever. Looking for local rates? Our dataset represents over 530 different rental houses, from small one-shop companies to the national rental houses with hundreds of locations. Simply choose your state or province from the dropdown menu to view retail rental rates that are representative of your specific area.

More Equipment Types Covered

Finally, this update adds 17 new equipment types into the product, bringing our total number of unique equipment types to 226. Users will now have access to Surface Heaters, Tank Mounted Air Compressors, Hot and Cold Pressure Washers, and many other types of saws and wrenches.


We hope that these quarterly enhancements to our rental product improve your experience!


Michael Quinlan Jr
Industry Analyst
[email protected]