Rainy Days and Weather Delays – are you estimating properly?

New Rental Rate Blue Book updates will help you account for these changes. 

In our most recent update to the Rental Rate Blue Book, our team of 20 equipment industry analysts added nearly 2,000 models to the already comprehensive EquipmentWatch database.

Did you know?  FHWA rates increased by 3.18% YoY, with 44 equipment categories increasing more than 10%.  This is a material impact and can be directly connected to decreases in annual usage and economic life along with the recent volatility observed in equipment MSRP’s.

We are most excited to share new weather-related regional cost adjustments that were incorporated into the calculation. Rental Rate Blue Book now accounts for weather data from all over North America such as precipitation, average temperature, and weather anomalies that impact jobsite accessibility, terrain, and condition.

Why does this matter? Weather is a major factor when it comes to equipment maintenance: rain, snow, sleet, or icy conditions will inherently accelerate the maintenance cycle and puts more stress on components in comparison to drier, warmer environments – have you updated your estimates accordingly?

With updated rates for over 26,000 models, our flagship cost recovery product (the Rental Rate Blue Book) is the industry standard for ownership and operating costs. Our mission for over 50 years has been to simplify the reimbursement process in extra work situations by providing charge rates for equipment that are accurate and realistic.

In addition to the Rental Rate Blue Book, it is more important than ever to accurately account for equipment costs when estimating for a project. The EquipmentWatch Internal Charge Rate Calculator enables contractors to leverage industry benchmarks and compare against their fleet’s unique attributes to bid more competitively, and ensure you remain within budget.

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