Rental Rate Blue Book Rates Troubleshooting

Having issues getting Rental Rate Blue Book Rates?

We are aware that the Cost Recovery download/print button is not working when you select the equipment from your Saved Models.

Please follow the instructions below for a workaround to print the rates.

Please take the time and carefully walk through these instructions.

Once you have attempted the instructions and if you are still having issues, please send detailed information to [email protected]

Search for the Piece of Equipment Individually

  • Click the Search button  search button
    • Select Rental Rate Blue Book
    • Enter Manufacture and Model
    • Click Search Button
    • Select Rental Rate Blue Book from Results page
  • Adjust Year, Organization or Region, Rate Effective Date
  • Choose Format Landscape or Portrait
  • Click download/print button

Add Equipment from Saved Models to a Group and Run Report

  • Important:
    • Do NOT add Composites to a group. Instead, add the individual piece(s) to a new group and follow the instructions below to run rate report.
      • Example of a Composite:

Example of composite

    • Custom Rates that had previously been entered into Saved Models with rates will run. Otherwise, use the Custom Rate PDF file originally provided to you.
      • Example of a Custom Rate:

example of a custom rate

  • Add the Asset in Saved Models to a Group
    • Check the box next to unique Id
    • Click Create/Add to Group (might have to scroll up)
  • Go to Asset Management
    • Click Reports
    • Choose Rental Rate Blue Book O&O report.
      • Select Your Group, there you can see what is in the group.
      • Click Generate Report
      • Adjust Preferences
      • Choose Format Landscape or Portrait
      • Click the first PDF file download or CSV file