Idling Rates

Idling rates refer to any instance in which a piece of equipment is located on a jobsite and the engine is burning fuel, but no ground engaging or other components are actively engaged in [...]


An API, or application programming interface, is a data delivery mechanism that allows for data from one source (EquipmentWatch in this case) to be embedded into the application of a third party. [...]

Cost Reference Guide

The Cost Reference Guide is a former EquipmentWatch publication that served as a guide to ownership and operating costs for construction equipment manufactured within the past five years.

FHWA Hourly Ownership Rate

The ownership costs of depreciation, indirect costs, cost of facilities capital, and major overhaul are annualized and then adjusted to reflect the average annual working season to obtain a [...]

Rental Decision Point™

A proprietary EquipmentWatch metric that answers the key equipment manager question: for any given project, should I used an owned asset or a rented asset?


The FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) has approved the use of Rental Rate Blue Book on federally funded projects. The most common application is in force account work and for federally funded [...]

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