An API, or application programming interface, is a data delivery mechanism that allows for data from one source (EquipmentWatch in this case) to be embedded into the application of a third party. [...]

Rule-based Serial Numbers

In contrast to serial number ranges, rule-based serial numbers are similar to Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINS) in the on-highway industry.  These serial numbers often contain elements that [...]

Serial Number Ranges

A serial number range is a sequential set of serial numbers that are assigned within a production period.  Serial number ranges can be numeric or alphanumeric.  Some manufacturers incorporate [...]

Year of Manufacture

Year of manufacture refers to the calendar year in which a unit was manufactured.  This may differ from the unit’s model year.

Model Year

Model year indicates the annual production period in which a unit was manufactured or shipped from the factory.  When assigning model years, manufacturers may utilize utilize calendar years, [...]

Serial Number Verification

The verification process compares a given serial number to known ranges or rules for the appropriate manufacturer and model.  The serial number is considered verified if it matches the [...]