State of the Construction Equipment Economy

State of the Construction Equipment Economy

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Our annual report outlines the behaviors, challenges, and potential outlook of today’s construction equipment economy.

With new internal and external factors dynamically affecting construction equipment economics, we dive deep to highlight the micro and macro-level impact of today’s climate on equipment owners.

Report highlights include:

  • Most equipment owners said their preferred method of acquiring equipment was through a dealer.

  • According to our survey results, 60% of equipment owners experienced a lack of new equipment availability this year, up 7% from the previous year.

  • Moving ahead into 2023, most equipment owners plan on maintaining their status quo when it comes to equipment rentals.

  • Equipment rental companies aren’t wasting time delivering sustainable options to their customers. Sunbelt Rentals and United Rentals ordered a combined 1,200 Ford Lightning trucks for their rental fleets in 2022.

  • The three major options for future power sources include battery electric, diesel-electric hybrid, and hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells.

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