Future-Proofing the Construction Business

A premium report outlining equipment trends and how contractors can protect their interests.

Few industries have been immune to the economic shocks of COVID-19, and the construction industry is no exception.

However, construction is poised for a potential recovery in the latter half of 2020, with new infrastructure investment feeding economic recovery.

Find out what contractors can do today to “future-proof” their businesses to enable more sustainable long-term outcomes.

What's inside

A 18-page review of industry impacts and recommended action steps:

  • The impacts of economic slowdowns and recent crises on construction equipment and the industry
  • Trends in rental volume and related implications
  • Buying and selling equipment: the nature of the secondary market
  • Accounting for standby and delayed projects
  • Practical and concrete steps to help your business thrive amid challenges such as COVID-19 and related setbacks

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