Month over Month Price Trends for Case IH Wheel Tractors by Size-Class

A month over month analysis of price by size-class for Case IH agricultural wheel tractors showed interesting trends, particularly at the beginning of 2015.

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Key Takeaways for Decision

RENTER/SELLER: Prices across size-class remained relatively stable until the end of 2015, with greater variability among higher horsepower size-classes. Lower horsepower models showed more stability in average price month over month. Optimal selling time for mid to high horsepower models appears to be the beginning of the year, as well as early summer for 275 hp and higher models.

As one of the main brands of its parent company CNH, Case IH has been in the agricultural equipment industry for over 160 years and has a very solid presence in the wheel tractor market. Pulling from our EquipmentWatch Values database, we looked at average Case IH wheel tractor asking prices by size-class. Over 76,000 sales records were collected from August of 2014 to August of 2015 for the month over month analysis, and we found some interesting trends.

Average asking prices for Case IH wheel tractors peaked for 75 to 224 hp models in January, as well as June for models with 275 hp and higher. Tractors with 50 to 74 hp peaked during June, subtly matching the 275 hp and over models.

Models within the higher horsepower size-classes tended to be priced more competitively during early spring and mid to late summer months. July appeared to be an optimal time to buy 275 hp and higher models, while August offered the best prices for 175 to 224 models. March appeared to be the best buying time for 175 to 224 hp models.

Prices spiked for size-classes between 75 to 224 hp at the beginning of 2015, before dropping in February and March, and reached a more even plateau until May 2015, when pricing trends for 175 to 224 hp models contracted once more, although less dramatically. Prices for models with 275 hp and higher peaked in June 2015 and dropped significantly in July. Data for the Under 25 hp models was unavailable for January 2015 and June 2015.

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