Peterbilts Overtaking the Heavy Duty Truck Market

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Top 10 Heavy Duty Trucks on Commercial Truck Resale Market during August 2015

After analyzing over 40,000 data records from the used truck market in August, we determined that the top 10 heavy duty models by volume included:

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[su_box title=”Average resale prices on the top 10 heavy duty trucks ranged between $41,900 and $69,600, with ages ranging between 3 and 11.4 years.” box_color=”#ddd” title_color=”#000000″]

  1. International ProStar
  2. Volvo VNL-64-T-670
  3. Kenworth T-660
  4. Freightliner M2 106
  5. Peterbilt 386
  6. International ProStar Plus
  7. Volvo VNL-64-T-630
  8. Peterbilt 379
  9. Peterbilt 387
  10. Kenworth T-700

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Key Takeaways for Decision Makers

BUYER: Age was not the most impactful reason behind higher prices on certain models in August as many older trucks out priced the newer ones.Among these models, the International ProStar Plus at 3 years of age and the Kenworth T-700 at 3.1 years had the lowest relative ages, meaning that they contained the largest percentage of newer models on the market. The model with the oldest average age by far was the Peterbilt 379 averaging at 11.4 years. The next oldest model on average was the Peterbilt 387 at 6.3 years. Given that both are Peterbilts, it would appear that people are keeping these trucks much longer thus selling them at an older age than remaining models.

In regards to pricing, the highest priced model on average was the Peterbilt 386, whose average age was 3.8 showed prices 17.8% above the top 10 model average price. The lowest priced model on the market was the Freightliner M2 106 despite average age being only 6.2 years and the fourth highest volume heavy truck. Prices for this model averaged 26.6% below the top 10 model average. It is quite interesting that the Peterbilt 387 was the second lowest priced model averaging an age of 6.3 years pricing 21.8% below the average. The Peterbilt 379 that was by far the oldest model on the market on average only priced 3.6% below the top 10 average for August.

Average age on the market did not have the largest impact on pricing during August considering the lowest priced model was 6.2 years and the oldest model was priced in the middle of the spectrum. The volume did not have the largest impact either as the least common of the 10 models averaged 16.9% above the overall average and the ninth most popular model was 21.8% below. There was definitely a mixture between age, volume, and the make/model combination that impacted pricing this past month. These metrics simply give us an understanding of where certain trucks are sitting within the market allowing a consumer to know what is available and a seller to get an idea of the competition.

If you are interested in buying or selling one of these truck models and would like to find out the fair market value (FMV), Truck Blue Book is your source for commercial truck valuations.

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