Top Four EquipmentWatch Models and Metrics, April 2017 Review

We found the top four models for April 2017 and analyzed their month over month price, age, and volume trends.

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During April, the top model with the largest market activity was the JLG 450AJ doubling in volume from March. The other three models also either increased or remained the same month over month in activity. These increases show the markets picking up as we move into the second quarter of the year. Three of the four models decreased more than 20% year over year though, with the exception of the Bobcat S650 which jumped 15.9% in volume over April 2016.

Three of the top four models this month were down in price month over month with the exception of the JLG 450AJ increasing 1.7% over March. The International 8600 dropped the most, down 14.2% from March coinciding with the 15.0% drop from last April. The Bobcat S650 had the smallest drop in price year over year, down only 3.5% from last April as prices only decreased 0.7% between this March and April. The majority of the month over month changes for this equipment was minimal all staying within a +/- 2% range. This was similar to what was seen during the past year for the Kinze 3600 as prices were only 5.3% down year over year. This drop was primarily driven by a 2.4% decrease between November and December, then another 3.0% drop between February and March.

The average ages for all four models increased year over year with the average model year for each market remaining the same. The Bobcat S650 only increased from 3.0 to 3.3, but it is worth noting that the average age dropped continuously throughout 2016 resulting in an average age of 2.4 by December before increasing back up above 3 years of age. A similar age change occurred for the International 8600 as the average age went from 8.0 last April down to 7.5 in December and jumping back up over 8 years. The average age increases between December and January are a result of change in calendar year, yet the average ages remain quite similar year over year indicating that the same model years are dominating the markets. The JLG 450AJ had a larger age increase year over year from 9.2 up to 10.0. The Kinze 3600 also increased from 9.4 to 10.1 years over the past 13 months.

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Subtype Model Size Class Avg Age in April ’16 Avg Age in April ’17 %Change in Volume: Mar ’17 to April ’17 %Change in Volume: April ’16 to April ’17
Skid Steer Loaders Bobcat S650 2201 lbs & Over 3 3.3 -0.10% 15.90%
Conventional – Day Cab (Heavy Tractor) International 8600 33001 lbs. & over 8 8.2 11.70% -46.80%
I.C. Self-Propelled Articulating Boom Aerial Lifts JLG 450AJ 41 – 50 ft 9.2 10 107.80% -30.80%
Planters Kinze 3600 30′ to 50′ 9.4 10.1 15.00% -21.80%

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