EquipmentWatch Highest Retained Value Methodology 2021

For each of the 30 award categories, our analysts reviewed the most popular equipment on the resale channel in 2020. The models were sorted by their relative popularity and we removed any model not currently in production in North America. After filtering the data, our analysts chose six of the top models as finalists.

Calculation of Residual Values

EquipmentWatch’s residual values are calculated according to market depreciation standards. Using the FMV and FLV values contained in the EquipmentWatch Values product, our analysts examine year over year depreciation for more than 12,000 models with up to 30 model years of values. Using a proprietary algorithm, our team is able to use the year over year depreciation calculated in EquipmentWatch Values to predict residual values up to 84 months into the future.

The analysts examined 60 months residual values to select the Highest Retained Value Award (HRVA) winners under industry average usage expectations.