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EquipmentWatch API for the Heavy Equipment Industry Unveiled

Extends asset data into any application to build new innovative, efficient solutions

Atlanta, Ga – (March 22, 2017) – EquipmentWatch, the world leader in data, software and insights for the heavy equipment industry, today officially announced the EquipmentWatch API. The EquipmentWatch API enables integration of critical equipment data attributes – including cost, rental, specs and value benchmarks – directly into any software or application. By offering the EquipmentWatch API, the potential to streamline existing workflows and build innovative new solutions for the heavy equipment industry is limitless.

Bringing data into the user’s workflow

Thousands of construction, finance, dealer and insurance customers currently use the EquipmentWatch web application to make critical business decisions regarding the acquisition, management and disposition of heavy equipment. By offering the new API – the exact technology that powers the EquipmentWatch web application – industry professionals now have the opportunity to fully integrate EquipmentWatch data into the systems they use everyday. “We’ve had discussions with forward-thinking companies who want to leverage our endpoints in their CRMs, accounting applications, underwriting software and more,” explains Garrett Schemmel, vice president of EquipmentWatch. “The efficiency that can be gained through streamlined workflows and perpetually up-to-date data will create an enormous competitive advantage for these businesses.”

Endless potential for innovation

The EquipmentWatch API includes the traditional data benchmarks the brand is known for such as ownership & operating costs, retail rental rates, specifications, serial number verification and equipment values (FMV, OLV, FLV). Additionally, new data attributes have been made available for the first time including asset utilization, market popularity, value trending and raw market transactions. “Along with our traditional benchmarks, we’re excited to see how entrepreneurs will leverage these new data attributes to build solutions for the heavy equipment industry,” added Garrett. “Whether enriching existing software or developing new apps, the potential for innovation using the API is endless.”

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