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Manufacturer Partnership Program

Through collaborative relationships with equipment manufacturers, EquipmentWatch provides programs that allow for maximum data health and accuracy to the end equipment user.

EquipmentWatch is the trusted source for heavy equipment data and intelligence. EquipmentWatch produces the leading database information products for the construction equipment industry and is the world leader in heavy construction research and serves more than 15,000 professional, high-volume users of construction and lift-truck data. Our products are valuable tools in decisions surrounding the purchase, valuation, operation, and disposal of equipment.

For nearly 50 years, EquipmentWatch has served contractors, equipment manufacturers, dealers, rental companies, lenders and insurers, and government agencies involved in heavy civil construction.


What is the OEM Partnership Program?

The OEM Partnership Program is a collaboration between EquipmentWatch and participating OEMs to ensure model data, as built into the product and used by thousands of end users every day, is of maximum quality and accuracy.

Our OEM partners understand that data accuracy and robustness for the end user leads to a more educated, confident consumer of their machine’s information.

How does the OEM Partnership Program work?

  • Onboarding

    Initial Meeting and Data Health Review

  • Quarterly Checkpoint

    A Recurring Checkpoint to Review Data Health Goals

  • Annual Review

    Full Data Health Review + Future Planning

The OEM Partnership Program is process and goal-based, with an initial meeting focused on sharing the state of current data health for a respective OEM. From there, through a collaborative partnership, we establish any necessary improvement goals and share data health metrics every quarter.

What are the benefits of the program?

As the Manufacturer Partnership Program’s sole reason for existing is to maximize data accuracy to the end user, to the benefit of everyone, including the manufacturer, below are just a few benefits of participating:

  • With accurate average purchase price/MSRP, more precise ownership and operating costs
  • With accurate average purchase price/MSRP, more precise residual values
  • With accurate introduced, discontinued dates, inclusion in our values and cost products
  • With extensive serial number range/rules, accurate model year verification in our verification products
  • With accurate specifications, inclusion in our specs database

Our end users use our products to make the following decisions:

  • Establish an internal charge rate in support of the bid creation process
  • Recover force account reimbursement from project owners
  • Identify an accurate residual value
  • Determine the best disposition channel option
  • Verify model year during the sale/trade-in process

Additionally, Manufacturer Partnership Program participants are considered for our awards programs.

What’s the data focus of the program?

There are minimum, basic data sharing requirements as well as an ideal, advanced participation model.

Basic data (required) includes:

  • Model availability (dates when introduced and discontinued)
  • Serial number ranges, rules
  • New model specifications
  • Average MSRP/original price

Additional data points (best-in-class manufacturers, privacy protection):

  • Transaction history, dealer channel
  • Maintenance cost data
  • Invoiced rental transactions

Note, regarding data privacy, any non-public information (e.g. sales transactional data) is kept in the strictest of confidence and protected by a consulting agreement.