Resale Insights Dashboard

Accurate data that yields valuable insights

Anyone who needs to understand equipment market trends knows the difficulties that can arise from manually extracting data points one-by-one, search-by-search. Equipment market trends often require careful interpretation, sometimes necessitating data analysts or market experts to translate the data into usable insights. Adding to these woes, data from auction houses and other sources often yields limited or single data points that require a manual process to achieve valuable insights.

EquipmentWatch’s Resale Insights Dashboard alleviates these issues to provide model-level data that offers nearly 20 times the volume provided by auction results. You read that right – 20x! With the Resale Insights Dashboard, your teams can seamlessly benchmark sales against competitors and historical trends. And with a centralized, easy-to-access interface, the days of collecting data using manual, clunky, time-consuming methods and multiple sources are over. With the Resale Insights Dashboard, you can easily understand the entire used equipment market to save time and money and eliminate worry over whether you have the most accurate data.

Benefits and features include:

  • Customizable: Get valuable insights that are tailored and relevant to your needs.
  • Interactive: Interactive graphics provide rich data visualization and a streamlined view of multiple data points simultaneously, allowing autonomy over how your data is benchmarked.
  • Easy to use: The dashboard provides month-over-month trends that offer a historical comparison to illuminate pricing changes over time. Eliminate the need to continually download and consolidate market data from multiple sources.
  • Simplified reporting: The web-based solution avoids problems with using cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, while view-only data eliminates the risks of versioning.
  • Effective benchmarking: Compare your sales seamlessly against competitors and historical trends. Use meter-read benchmarking to understand your entire rental fleet.
  • Accuracy: With the highest volume of vetted and verified data, you can be confident that you are making decisions based on trusted sources; allowing you to develop insights and estimates with the highest confidence.


Who should use the Resale Insights Dashboard and why?

The benefits of the Resale Dashboard are many. Here’s a breakdown of how you might use the Resale Insights Dashboard for your particular needs.

Business Type Who Benefit
OEMs Remarketing and Dealer Relations Managers Understand Market and Equipment trends
Equipment Dealers Equipment Managers and Sales Managers Compare sales velocity and competitive equipment pricing
Rental Houses Equipment Managers and Sales Managers Understand market needs and set rental pricing
Finance & Leasing Specialists Equity Analysts, Investment managers Understand values and residual values